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Chiropractic is a health and healing approach that utilizes your body's own inherent and natural recuperative powers. This holistic treatment method does not use drugs or surgery. It treats the CAUSE of the problem rather than just the symptom.


Core Ball Exercises

All exercises are done with a pause of one second at the end of each range.  These exercises are NOT hold exercises.  Start with 5 reps of each and no more that 2-3 minutes total daily.  As the exercises become part of your normal routine then you can increase your volume up to 20 repetitions.  This should take you no more than 8 minutes.  The 5th  exercise is the plank and that is a hold exercise.  Attempt to get to one minute.  As you get stronger, your hold time will get longer.

Bridge with Shoulders on Ground


Leg Raise on Stomach


Sitting to Bridge


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