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At Francis Chiropractic Clinic, we believe strongly in the benefits of supplements. So much so that we have them available right in our office. We highly recommend the Standard Process whole food supplement line. Click on product name to learn more.


Fish Oil
An excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Taken on an empty stomach, Bromelain is a wonderful anti-inflammatory for the muscular skeletal system. We recommend two caps a day. Bromelain is derived from a core of a pineapple. It is a safe alternative to over the counter NSAIDS.

Glucosamine Sulfate
By the makers Emerson Ecologics, this supplement promotes cartilage health in the joints.

Catalyn Multiple Vitamin
An organically grown whole food vitamin called Catalyn. Made in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

Catalyn GF (Gluten Free)
A gluten-free version of the original Catalyn formula. This product contains whole food ingredients that provide the same nutritional density as the original Catalyn without the gluten. Defatted wheat germ is replaced with rice bran, an excellent alternative for patients who can’t tolerate wheat.

Magnesium Malate
Natural muscle relaxer

Children’s Fish Oil Supplement
Excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids

Natural anti-inflammatory


Powerstep reduces arch and heel discomfort and pain by providing foot posture support and correcting bone alignment.

Custom foot orthotics are specifically designed for an individual's unique postural problems.

Therapeutic Formulas

Therapeutic rubs relieve pain by penetrating deep into sore muscles and therapeutic oils use the healing forces of nature to make breathing easier.

Back Braces and Orthopedic Supports

Back belts provide superior abdominal compression to help prevent back injury and pain.

Cervical Pillows

Cervical pillows provide proper support and less restricted breathing while sleeping. They are non-allergenic and help to promote correct posture.


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